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Interested in Joining our Club?

Memberships are available to any person having a valid private pilot license and current medical certificate.  The applicant agrees to club by-laws, rules and regulations and shall be approved by a vote of 2/3 of the active members of the club.  

Step One - Fill out and submit an application for membership.

Step Two - Be accepted by the current active members of the club.  

Step Three - Pay a $1500.00 Non-Refundable Initiation Fee

Step Four - Fly with one of our Certified Flight Instructors who shall certify your proficiency in one or both aircraft.

Step Five - Receive keys to our aircraft with full access to on-line aircraft scheduling.


As a member you will be required to pay monthly dues/prepay as follows:


* $130.00 per month will go towards aircraft maintenance and upkeep, hangar fees, insurance, avionics, licenses and upgrades.

* $70.00 per month will go towards your own "pre-pay".  Pre-pay is your own account that is used towards aircraft rental fees.  These funds accumulate and can be carried over from month to month, up to a maximum of $840.00.  As an example, a member pays 3 months worth of pre-pay but does not fly.  The pilot will have a total of $210.00 in "his" account.  The member decides to fly the Piper Archer in the third month for a total of 5 hours at $40.00 per hour.  At the end of that third month the member would have exhausted $200.00 from his pre-pay leaving a balance of $10.00 is "his" account.  If the pilot decided to fly 7 hours with only $210.00 in "his" account, he or she would be billed for the difference; in this case, $70.00 additional.

Members are welcome and encouraged to attend monthly meetings where you will enjoy excellent conversations with fellow club members and pilots, along with input into the direction of your club.  Members share flying activities as well as social gatherings throughout the year.

Aircraft are available to members for day trips or multi-day trips with the member only paying for actual Hobbs time.

Membership in Sky's the Limit Flying Club is The Only Way to Fly

Application for Membership

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